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Buy a Home

Owning your first home is a big step. Through programs such as First Home Club and others, we can help you start the home buying process today.

Fix a Home

Maintaining your home can be challenging at times. Storm damage can result in expensive repairs, stretching your budget when you least expect it. Consider using us as resource when keeping your home healthy and safe.

Build A Neighborhood

Consider making a donation or sign up to volunteer. We work closely with our partners through neighborhood initiatives to make a positive impact in our city.

What We Do

Niagara Falls NHS, Inc. was incorporated in 1979 as a component of a partnership between neighborhood residents, business leaders, government officials and agencies, and financial institutions. As a private nonprofit corporation, Niagara Falls NHS’s primary focus has been on improving the quality and stability of the housing stock in our neighborhood. Incentives for both the homeowner and prospective homeowner have been the cornerstone of our services.

Niagara Falls NHS is a chartered member of NeighborWorks® America, a national organization with over 250 members nationwide.

The purpose of Niagara Falls NHS is to be a leader in neighborhood revitalization, provide new opportunities for low and moderate income families, and advocate for community needs.

Home Ownership Education

The path to owning a home just got a whole lot easier…

Buying a home of your own can be as confusing and stressful as it is exciting. Using Niagara Falls NHS as your home buying resource is the first step toward purchasing the home of your dreams.

Are you in need of credit counseling? Need help creating a household budget and savings plan? Looking for information about the home buying process? Our NeighborWorks® America certified counselors can help!

Niagara Falls NHS gives you the confidence that comes with knowing you have someone in your corner until the day you get the keys to your own home. And we'll be there with you for years to come, building great communities, one dream home at a time.

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